Culture of Peace 0038: Luke on AnarchoInc.

Hey all! Another episode where I appeared on someone else’s podcast this time. With the launch of the Indiegogo campaign for Dummy Corporation, I’ve had my hands full! Still, this is not one to miss! Jay has previously been a guest on my show, and I went on his program as one of his first guests to talk about Culture of Peace. Jay’s businesses have been making the rounds, and most recently he had an ad for AnarchoCoffee on Dave Smith’s Part of the Problem! Couldn’t be happier for him.

Back to regular programming soon. I have guests lined up, it’s just a scheduling thing!

Thanks for being here, as always!

Links Discussed:

Dummy Corporation website | Facebook

Indie Paradox (the new home of AnarchoInc)

Luke’s appearance on AnarchoInc to discuss Dummy Corporation

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