Culture of Peace 0032: Don’t Send Your Kids to the Government

Ben Pangie joins me today! He is the host of Homesteads and Homeschools, as well as the other co-host of Free Markets, Green Earth. To meet the other co-host, head back to episode 31!Ben invited me onto his program some 2 or 3 months ago. Since it has been such a tricky time getting our schedules to line up, I decided we should go ahead and record an episode of Culture of Peace as well.

So glad I did! Ben is a fascinating guy who is a former school teacher. This gives him an excellent perspective on the question of public education. Our episode is especially fun because we recorded mere moments after wrapping up on his show.

P.S. Sorry the episode is a little late! There was quite the nasty storm here while I was trying to make the final touches, and then the ol’ day job kept me busy for a while longer.

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Homesteads and Homeschools

Free Markets, Green Earth


Thin Blue Line – The Game

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