Culture of Peace 0026: The Music of the Revolution with Jordan Page

Jordan Page, perhaps the best-known man in the libertarian music scene, is my guest this week!

This episode is a week early–hoorah! We discuss production of a music video for an upcoming song, so I wanted to be sure to get the episode out as quickly as possible.

Most of you know Jordan. Some of you may even know him personally! But whether you know him or not, one thing is certain: he was a part of the birth of the latest revival in libertarian thinking.

We discuss the “liberty movement,” his role in it, and what inspired him to write two songs in particular: one about Lavoy Finicum and one about Schaeffer Cox.

Don’t know those names? Don’t worry. Jordan breaks down both situations. There’s a lot to process here. Check it out, and then head straight on over to Jordan’s site to grab some of his music!

Links Discussed:

Jordan Page website | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Steemit

The Ballad of Lavoy Finicum (A Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom)

Free Schaeffer Cox


Thin Blue Line – The Game

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