Culture of Peace 0025: Who Is at the Top of the Food Pyramid?

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Dann Reid, host of the Culinary Libertarian, joins me to answer my questions about the Food Pyramid.

What is it? Why was it created? What’s wrong with it? What are our alternatives? These are the kinds of questions we discuss, and you may need a spoonful of sugar to swallow the answers! (Or not, after you hear us discuss sweets.)

After I had the chance to be on Dann’s show, I knew I had to have him on Culture of Peace. The result is before you now. Hit play, and enjoy!

Links Discussed:

Culinary Libertarian website | Facebook | FB Group | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter | BitBacker | YouTube

Ancel Keys Wikipedia page | Seven Countries Study

My appearance on the Culinary Libertarian podcast  

Books Mentioned:

The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet,” by Nina Teicholz


Thin Blue Line – The Game

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  • Thanks for having me on the show, Luke. Yes, we could have made that a two hour episode.

    I enjoyed that very much. Being a guest. Well, and listening, too.