Culture of Peace 0024: Now Coffee is Too Radical for Facebook

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Jay Caetano is the first guest of 2019! Jay joins me to discuss his business, AnarchoCoffee, as well as some recent drama between his business and Facebook.

What drama, you ask? You’ll just have to listen to the episode to find out.

Jay is one of many libertarians breaking out of the rat race with his own project, and that’s a story I never get tired of hearing. Nicky P of Sounds Like Liberty and I have our #MoreLibertarianMillionaires hastag to popularize, after all.

Thanks for joining me for this first episode of 2019, everyone. I’m always honored if you support the show, but today I’d be especially pleased if you could support AnarchoCoffee!

Links Discussed:

AnarchoCoffee website | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Minds AnarchoInc website | Facebook


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