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Nathan Dempsey returns to the show!

First, let me just stress how cool it is to have a returning guest. Nathan’s Minecraft server is such an incredible project, and I thought it was high time to have him back on to see how things have been going.

This is probably no surprise, but things have been going very well! We start off with a discussion about the new version of Liberty Minecraft, featuring the Aquatic Update. After that? It’s a freewheeling conversation about the power of human ingenuity, nonviolent coexistence, and free markets.

As a bonus, I get Nathan’s thoughts on the famous Simon-Ehrlich wager. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a fascinating tale and one that further strengthens the case for freedom.

Links Discussed:

Liberty Minecraft

Punchers Guild: Logging Camp

Free Market Update: Blaze Rod Prices Collapse 99%

Support Liberty Minecraft

Books Mentioned:

The Population Bomb, by Paul Ehrlich

The Ultimate Resource, by Julian Simon

Episodes Referenced:

0001: Economics in an Online World? Liberty Minecraft


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