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Remso Martinez joins me for this week’s episode! Remso is the former host of the Remso Republic podcast, and current co-host of the Gun Owners of America: Firing Back podcast. He has had his journalistic endeavors published in many outlets, including FreedomWorks and The American Conservative. Finally, he is the author of the recent book, Stay Away from the Libertarians, which is the focus for this episode.

The book is a fun look at many libertarian topics, and Remso is a well-spoken guest with great answers. I made it a point to draw out additional commentary on specific nuggets from the book. As a result, this is not merely a summary of what’s inside–this is a hearty discussion that stands well on its own.

Join us for a talk about Remso’s influence with Ayn Rand, the awkward popularity of a quote by Adolf Hitler, the death of Nathan Hale, and more.

While you listen, also check out his book! I’ve linked to the book on Amazon below, or you can go to this page to get a copy signed by Remso himself!

Links Discussed:

Remso Martinez’s website

Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead in the movie Dirty Dancing

Books Mentioned:

Stay Away From the Libertariansby Remso Martinez

Or, get a signed copy here!


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