Culture of Peace 0013: When the State Replaces Religion

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Stephen Rose of AnarchoChristian joins me today! Stephen has an excellent blog and podcast of his own, and he brings a sober analysis to everything he does.

After covering how his show got started, we dive into all sorts of juicy topics. This episode covers a lot of ground, so stick with it!

For example: How is religion misused by those in power? Was Jesus a socialist? Why do totalitarian states end up allowing some markets? How do we more effectively communicate the message of liberty?

Because Stephen is so level-headed, we also spend a lot of time on the direction the culture in the United States is moving. To bring it all together, we finish out with a discussion on whether or not the state has taken the place of religion in the minds of the public.

We found an excellent rhythm with our conversation, and the show has all kinds of nuggets of wisdom thrown in. Enjoy the show, and be sure to check out his work!

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