Culture of Peace 0001: Economics in an Online World? Liberty Minecraft

For our first episode, I’m joined by Nathan Dempsey, founder of Liberty Minecraft.

Minecraft is a wildly popular computer game. As such, you might think there is nothing meaningful to be gained from its study.

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Culture of Peace 0000: My Perspective

This show is all me! Now that I’ve released four episodes, I wanted to take a step back.

Who am I? Why start Culture of Peace? What perspective do I bring to the table?

Those are the questions I seek to answer in this episode. It’s a little about me, and then a lot about anarcho-capitalism. I delve into a lot of the most prevalent objections, tackling them from a moral perspective. There’s also a couple of juicy quotations! If this is your first show, please continue on–the best stuff definitely in later episodes.

Note: This episode went live on May 5th, 2018. The “published on” date displayed on the website is incorrect, in order to get this episode to show up in its proper place on the episode list.
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