I’m a libertarian in the tradition of Murray Rothbard.

As recently as 2008, I was a far cry from making such a claim. You would have found me socializing with a circle of (mostly) Democrats. Rubbing elbows with a city council member, a college professor, and other well-known faces around my small Texas hometown.

Over the next several years, I discovered the message of Ron Paul.
I went from Democrat to Republican.
From Republican to constitutional conservative.
From constitutional conservative to Libertarian.
From Libertarian to anarcho-capitalist.

While the Austrian School of Economics is the primary driving force that carried me through those changes, I believe firmly that the moral issues must take center stage.

It’s simply that free markets are more efficient, allocate resources better, or yield the greatest happiness for the most people. Those things are true, but the major reason we must fight for a free society is because the state is, by its nature, immoral.

The state exists by stealing from peaceful people. It wages war on a whim. It indoctrinates generations of children into subservience.

The state is unfit to exist for these reasons alone, and so it must be opposed at every turn.

That’s why I started the Culture of Peace podcast in 2018. Spreading the message of liberty is a moral imperative. Once you know the truth–once you are “unplugged,”–it’s critical that you help others to do the same.

My show exists to add another voice of dissent, and I hope that you will join me in moving culture back towards individual liberty. The future may well depend on it.
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